July 2022

Imagine you meet someone new and, during the conversation, you ask what they do for a living. They answer, “I’m a plumber.” Chances are, you immediately conjure an image of them installing pipes or fixing leaks.

But, you also know they probably do much more.

A similar thing happens to me occasionally. Someone will ask what I do and I’ll tell them I’m a real estate agent. They then immediately assume I help people buy and sell homes.

And, of course, that’s true! But, I actually do much more for my clients.

For example, I’m there for clients when they have questions or need advice, even during the years between moves.

I’m also available to clients when they need a recommendation. For example, if you’re looking for a good contractor for an upgrade you’re planning for your home, I can probably give you a name.

And, I also keep my clients informed with valuable market updates, tips, and how-to articles. (That’s why I send you this e-Newsletter each month.)The bottom line is, I’m there for you throughout the homeownership journey, helping ensure you’re always in a property that matches your lifestyle and goals.

Getting your Home Hunting Ducks in a Row

Say you’re shopping for a new home. Your goal is to find the ideal property, in a neighbourhood that is just right for you, within a price range that you can afford.

What do you need — at minimum — to get started?

If you’re looking for ways to get your ducks in a row, here are some things to prepare:

  • A property wish list. What does your ideal home look like? How many bedrooms does it need to have? Do you require a spacious recreational room? A large deck? A pool? A nice view? Get your wish list down on paper.

  • A neighbourhood wish list. Where you live is just as important as what you live in. What qualities are you looking for in a neighbourhood? A nearby park? Walking distance to a good school? Hiking trails? A shorter drive to work? Write it down.
  • A pre-approved mortgage. Getting the financing handled up front takes the guesswork out of what you can afford. Home sellers will also take any offers you make more seriously.
  • Realistic expectations. 99.9% of homes sell at or near the current market value. So, don’t expect to find a bargain that no one else has noticed.
Looking for more advice on finding your next dream home? Call today! 

Extending the Life of Cut Flowers

There are few things more beautiful than cut flowers in a vase. They instantly brighten any room. That is, of course, until they wilt and die. So how do you make cut flowers last as long as possible? Here are some ideas:

  • Cut the bottom of the stems before you put the flowers in the vase. An angled cut is best as this will enable the flower to draw in more water.
  • Add a fertilizer to the water. Most flower shops include a pouch with the order. Follow the directions carefully. Don’t use too much.
  • Make sure the vase is high enough to support the flowers. Too much strain on the stems will cause the flowers to die sooner.
  • After a couple of days, re-snip the stems. This will add an additional day or two to the life of the flowers.
  • Flowers last longer if you put them in the fridge (in water) overnight. That’s why florists store cut flowers in cool rooms.
Finally, watch the water level and top up as required. Older cut flowers will die quickly when starved of water — even for just a couple of hours. 

Is There a Best Season to Sell?

It’s interesting to note how so many things have their “season.” Hockey in the winter. Vacations in the summer. Gardening in the spring. Even retirement reportedly occurs more often in the fall than any other time of year.

To some extent, even real estate seems to have a season. The spring is traditionally an active time for home sales. But, does that mean you should wait until spring to list your home?

Here’s the reality...

Properties sell all year round. There are buyers actively looking for homes at all times of the year. In fact, there are bound to be buyers that would be interested in your home if you were to list it this month. While it’s true that the market may fluctuate throughout the year, with some months featuring higher or lower prices than others, those variations are nearly impossible to predict. So, it doesn’t make much sense to wait for the “perfect” month to sell, because that perfect month is just as likely to be this month!

Here’s something else to think about...If you try to sell your home during a month when prices are up a little, you may need to buy another home in that same market. So, you’re really not gaining. The same holds true if you sell during a month when prices have softened.

So, if you’re considering selling your home, don’t be concerned about picking the right month or season to list. Focus your efforts, instead, on selling your home for the best price and finding and moving into your next dream home. You can make that happen in any season.