May 2024

“I feel more comfortable hiring a professional who has been recommended to me,” said just about everyone who’s ever looked for a good accountant, dentist, lawn care company, contractor – you name it.

I suspect that’s no surprise to you.

For obvious reasons, people just naturally feel better about contacting a recommended professional than they do a stranger. These days, more than ever before, people are asking for recommendations, from friends, from neighbours, and on social media.

That’s why I work so hard to ensure people in the communities I serve get to know me and how I can help them sell successfully and find their next dream home.

It’s also why I’m dedicated to continually providing value to the prospects I meet and the wonderful clients with whom I work. This newsletter is just one of the many ways I do that.

So, if you happen to run into someone — a friend or neighbour — who is looking for a trusted real estate agent, I hope you’ll feel comfortable giving them my name.

And I’m happy to return the favour. If you’re looking for a “home-related” professional, such as a contractor, give me a call. Chances are, I’ll know someone that I can recommend.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Let the Light Shine In: Home Lighting for Health

Recently, researchers discovered that the lighting in your home can have a much greater impact on your health and well-being than originally thought. Better lighting can boost your energy, increase alertness, and help you sleep better.

So, it pays to ensure the lighting in your home is optimal. Here are 3 ways to get started:
  • Go Natural - Start by enhancing sources of natural light, such as windows and sunroofs. Study each room of your home and replace as much of the artificial light as possible with sunlight. For example, reposition a favourite reading chair next to a window. 
  • Install Dimmer Switches – Dimmer switches allow you to adjust the brightness of your light based on the time of day. There are manual switches, as well as ones you can control remotely with your phone and/or automate with smart technology. Dimming the lights in the evening will help promote better sleep.
  • Avoid Over-Lighting - This is common in rooms where there are few windows. Over time, excessive light can cause headaches and even mood changes. Lighting that is sufficient to see everything clearly is all you need.
Following these lighting tips will improve not just your overall health, but also the health of your investment when it comes time to sell. 

Home Sweet Smart Home: Automating Your Home Decisions

It’s been long predicted, but the time has finally come when whole-home systems can provide a network to allow the electronic features and fixtures of your home to talk to one another. Often a family’s first such network involves controlling and sharing subscription services for movies, TV, and music among personal devices.

Smart home hubs are the next logical step beyond streaming services. They provide instant communication between household utilities. It is now possible to connect a single master control to automate decisions on your behalf regarding security, HVAC, plumbing, lighting, media and entertainment – and even monitor diet, physical activity, and personal health. 

The result is greater efficiencies and less environmental impact. This connectivity will only get more advanced with the purchase of new appliances. Your next refrigerator or stove could be capable of reading product labels, providing recipes according to the food you have on hand, planning meals, cooking, and ordering groceries.

With the convenience smart technology can add to your life and the potential increase in home value, investing in smart home technology is naturally a smart choice. 

7 Master Bedroom Staging Ideas

As you most likely know, staging involves setting up the furniture, art and accessories of each room to help make your home look as appealing as possible to potential buyers. It’s similar to what furniture stores do when they create displays of model bedrooms, kitchens, etc.

When you’re staging your home, the master bedroom is particularly important. 
Here are some simple staging tips worth trying:
  1. Mirrors - Consider using mirrors to make the bedroom seem larger and more comfortable.

  2. Give Your Bed a Refresh - Put a new comforter on the bed.

  3. Light it Up – Open curtains or add a lamp if the lighting is dim. (Make sure lights are turned on during viewings.)

  4. Declutter - Be ruthless when removing clutter from the room, particularly the closet. Don’t keep anything stored under the bed.

  5. Depersonalize - Remove personal items, such as portraits.

  6. Practice the Art of Minimalism - Be a minimalist when it comes to the nightstand. Only have two or three accessories on it and make sure they complement the theme, such as a book, vase, candleholder, etc. (Don’t leave anything on top of dressers.)

  7. Paint - Experts say a neutral palette works best. Neutral colours allow our eyes to rest, evoking a sense of calmness and serenity.
Ideally, you want to make the bedroom look like a calm and welcoming retreat.